GoExme is dedicated to safeguarding its users and partners against fraudulent and illegal acts. This includes prioritizing thorough verification of customers and ensuring the integrity of financial transactions. A key strategy in verifying the legitimacy of both individual and corporate clients is the implementation of the AML/KYC process.


GoExme deploys a sophisticated system for assessing risks to pinpoint any unusual activities in transactional processes. Should a transaction be flagged as potentially suspicious, it will be put on hold, necessitating the user to partake in the AML/KYC procedure. The specifics of our risk assessment system are confidential to maintain security, but this approach is instrumental in thwarting money laundering and fraudulent practices.

It is important to note that GoExme may engage external service providers to facilitate the AML/KYC procedure. These entities are bound to adhere to our Privacy Policy, ensuring the utmost protection of your personal data.

Furthermore, GoExme maintains the right to share information collected during the AML/KYC process with law enforcement agencies, should such disclosure be legally requested.

GoExme strictly avoids collaboration with any individuals or organizations suspected of money laundering or engaging in illegal activities. We also refrain from handling funds that are sourced from illicit activities.


Our automated risk assessment system may trigger the AML/KYC process for transactions it identifies as suspicious. In these instances, users are advised to reach out to our customer support via email or live chat, ready to provide details like transaction ID.

This procedure entails verifying the user's identity and, occasionally, the legal source of their funds through appropriate documentation.

Once these documents are submitted, GoExme commits to rigorously screening for any fraudulent, false, or dubious information. We reserve the right to undertake investigations into transactions or users that raise any concerns.

Only upon successful completion of the AML/KYC procedure will the related transactions be processed.

Should we receive any notifications from law enforcement, regulatory bodies, or other authoritative agencies concerning questionable transactions, addresses, or beneficiaries of funds, GoExme may pause any related client fund activities until the matter is resolved.

Given the nuances of blockchain technology, should a user fail to interact with our services over a prolonged period and not complete the AML/KYC process, the possibility of refunding funds or resuming transactions is contingent upon the completion of the KYC process.


At GoExme, our goal is to deliver prompt and clear services. We commit to keeping our users informed about any modifications or updates to the AML/KYC process through email or other accessible channels, with all such changes also being updated on our official website,